The Bahamas is a place of stories. To tell you about our people, our islands, the magic of our ocean and land, we tell you stories. Each of our five lines -Wild Flamingo, Summertime, The Shallows, Bush, and Blue Hole- celebrate distinct aspects of our islands and how we live in relationship to them. The five stories that follow are glimpses into the worlds of the Bahamian Islands, and the products we've created to celebrate our rich and diverse heritage.

Wild Flamingo:

They streak the sky coral pink and scarlet red, like a surprise, every time. I’ve lived in Inagua my whole life and still they surprise me – thousands of them rising in magnificent waves and arcing across Inagua sky, so that even the clouds turn pink with wonder. They say enlightenment is found in your own backyard. My backyard is a chorus of bird calls, sleepy salt ponds, and beyond that, miles of humming sand bars, sea water ebbing and flowing clear, then chartreuse, then sapphire, out to the ocean. I paint the flamingos sleeping, walking, dancing, mating, taking to the air. I become long legs, pink feathers, wings stretched across the astonished blue.

Our Vision: The Bahamas islands are home to a great variety of birds, many of them endangered. They remind us of the need to protect the environment – their ocean habitats, our ocean home. Our Wild Flamingo line celebrates the balance and beauty of all that is wild.


Here in these islands, summertime is red. Swathes of fiery Poinciana crowd the sun-baked streets. Scarlet plums and Bermuda cherries grow like spirited children in our backyards, next to leafy banana and mango trees. Red and orange and yellow tastes like sunshine, like Saturday mornings. I sneak out of the house and down the road with a brown paper bag full of scarlet plums and a ripe mango, heading to the sea. I walk into the water, which envelops me like a cool hug. I eat the fruit; warm, yellow juices dripping down my chin. When I am done, I cup salt water in my two hands and bathe my face in it. I lift my face to the sun. Red and orange and yellow sweetness sets my hands and feet tingling. I watch as a lone seagull flutters across the still surface of the sea, and rises again to join its flock; a white flourish in the summer sky.

Our Vision: In our Summertime line we make products that are infused with the fullness and ripeness of sun and water, full moons, and the abundance and variety of island life, all the better to offer you a little bit of Bahamian summer all year round.

The Shallows:

As a child growing up in Eleuthera, I loved to swim after a good rain. I could smell a tropical squall coming from miles away. Salt and cool air pushing ahead of the rain. I could hear it in the chorus of frogs croaking in anticipation, the flutter of birds looking for strongholds in coconut and seagrape trees. I’d watch the shallows turn from clear turquoise to murky grey-blue, signaling Mama Ocean’s readiness to meet the electric passion of Father Sky. Lightning crackles, slashing the horizon. Thunder rumbles, answering the call. When the rain comes it hisses across the water in silver sheets, pelting sand and rock and the curious child watching the drama unfold. In the time that it takes to laugh, or cry, the squall comes and goes. The rain evaporates. The sun comes again, golden. The shallows sigh, still and clear and green as the dreams of baby mermaids.

Our Vision: The shallow seas around our islands change moods and colors with the seasons and weather. We celebrate the rich life of our waters using their myriad colors and scents, as well as their abundant gifts, to craft products for The Shallows line.


Bush is good medicine. I know because my grandmother showed me, and her grandmother before her, all the way back to Africa. Rooster comb, aloes, and blue flower, cerasee and love vine, granny bush and baygerina; you see, I didn’t forget. I wake up before sunrise and go into the bush. That time you could smell the salt off the sea, smell the sharp scent of sage and the brownness of earth under foot. My grandmother’s voice is deep like the ocean, “See here, pick the leaves just so, don’t crush them. This one is for fevers, this one for aches and pains, and this one for falling in love.” When I look up, surprised, she is smiling. She says, “Everything we need to live is in the ocean, and right here in this bush.” I pull the orange yellow vine off the pigeon plum tree and loop it round my hand. I break off a piece. Throw it back into the bush. I still believe in the old stories. If the vine is growing when I come back, then maybe my love will be too.

Our Vision: Bush medicine is the traditional healing arts of the Bahamas. Before doctors were available, plants could be counted upon to heal the sick, support immune systems, and nourish the body on a daily basis. We use old wisdom and wild crafted indigenous flora to create Bush, a unique Bahamian line of restorative bath and body products..

Blue Hole:

I had heard about chickcharneys. Large feathered creatures –half man, half bird- that lived in Andros bush. If you happen to meet one, they say it gives you good luck. One morning I went looking for some good luck. I walked into the bush and came upon a blue hole – a large pool of deep indigo-blue water. They say blue holes lead to the ocean. And chickcharneys come there to drink. I waited by the blue hole, hoping to spy a chickcharney. Instead I fell asleep and dreamed that I had grown feathers and wings and was flying over the tops of trees. I flew down and perched on the edge of a watering hole. Asleep, leaning against a tall pine, was a girl who looked like me. As she slept, a tear leaked out of her left eye and trickled down her cheek. Being thirsty, I bent closer to drink. That is when I awoke from the dream to see the sun going down behind the trees. I stood up and brushed the leaves from my hair, freeing a large brown feather from my tussled locks. I tucked the feather into a pocket and ran, singing, all the way home.

Our Vision: Because they are found in the middle of forests and are also deep pathways to the ocean, blue holes are thought to be mystical places. Myths are born of them and so are the products in our Blue Hole line.

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